Quick and Easy South African Flapjacks

Your winter weekend mornings will be special family mornings with these quick and easy flapjacks. You will love how your house smells after frying these in your kitchen. So Yum! Ingredients (for 10-12 flapjacks): 1 cup sifted flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 tbsp sugar 1 egg 1 cup milk 3 tbsp... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Baby Tsonga Names

In Xitsonga, a name is a statement, instruction or a reminder to the individual, family, clan, ethnic group, and race; however, other names are honorary, symbolic and ancestral. We also have ancient names which we are still to verify their meanings; these names are in Mbai, Karanga, Lenge, etc. Here's an A TO Y list... Continue Reading →

Pink Leather Luxury Lipsticks My personal fave is Keiza and Maira. Check them out and get yourself a colour to match your personality.

Quoted: Khanyi Mbau

There are may quotes and sayings about how special motherhood is. And every mother will have their own experience and therefore have different interpretations. Khanyi Mbau is one phenomenal human being who's gone through it all in the public eye. She's a mother on top of that, and as you can imagine has had to... Continue Reading →

Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

Mamas, you should all have this oil in your households. It will literally save you from buying too many other products because it is so versatile. I buy coconut oil in kilograms. I use it in my kitchen, my bathroom and my bedroom. If you haven't discovered the benefits of coconut oil then you better... Continue Reading →

The Awakening of Motherhood: Tawney Chatmon

Within the past 2 years, Tawny Chatmon has redirected her signature style of ethereal sunlit children's photography into mediums outside of just photography. She is a self taught artist who has been working in the field of photography for the past 16 years. Born in Tokyo, growing up an ‘army brat’, she had the unique... Continue Reading →

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