Different Types of Mothers


We’ve all met these mommies and we are all of them. Some of us are a couple of them in one! It’s always interesting to watch and observe people’s personalities and how they handle their roles. We’ve put together a list of the different types of moms you’ll come across. And maybe help you recognise the type that you are.

The Helicopter Mom


This is the most obvious one; it’s moms who micromanage their kids. They become overly involved with their kids’ lives and almost suffocate them. They control and influence every part of their child’s life and most likely will not allow them to do “risky” activities that kids do. Helicopter moms are the ones side-eyeing kids that run around and play with little supervision. These ones are judgey because they think their parenting style is the best.

The Competitive Mom

You will know a competitive mom when you meet one. You will know it by suddenly feeling small and an underachiever just from speaking to her. If you say your child started walking at 9 months old, she will go one up on you and say hers started walking at 6 months. She will tell you how perfect and well behaved her kids are when you complain about yours. Stay away from these moms for your mental health.

The Perfect Mom


This mom is in no way trying to make you feel like a bad mom; she just has her house in order and you can’t fault her on that. She always arrives on time looking all sorts of amazing; no stains or wrinkles on her clothes. Hair is always stunning and make up on fleek. Her kids also never miss a beat. They eat and sleep on schedule and they get packed healthy snacks when they’re out.

The Gym Mom


She’s in her gym gear daily and she takes a her kid along to the gym sometimes. This is the mom you’ll drive past jogging with a stroller on the side of the road. She’s even created exercise plans that involve her kid. This mom gained just enough weight to support her changing body during pregnancy and she snapped back one week after post delivery.

The Breastfeeding Mom


The breast is best mom. The self proclaimed breastfeeding advocate. Yes, breastfeeding has the best benefits for mom and baby but not all women can breastfeed. Don’t you dare tell that to this mom! She will tell you about all the wrong things you’re doing that are causing you to be unsuccessful in breastfeeding. When she sees moms on social media asking for recommendation on formula; she’s the first one on the comments to give advise on breastfeeding and expressing.

The Wine Mom


This mom claims that this is the only way she can get through adulting and motherhood; with one in her hand. She believes in the health benefits of a glass of red. And even recommends a glass to her pregnant and breastfeeding friends.

The Whiney Mom


We all have something to complain about when it comes to our kids. But this mom goes the whole nine yards. Everyone is always listening to her whine about her issues. The only problem about this one is that they rarely ever come up with solutions. They revel in their whining.

The Exhausted Mom


She’s tired as hell! The exhausted mom looks like she’s barely awake most times. Her tiredness goes beyond just needing sleep. She needs a break from it all because it’s taken it’s toll.

The Zen Mom


The Zen mom is calm and tranquil. Her voice is so controlled that moms in her presence feel their blood pressure go down just listening to her talk. Though she has children just like the rest of us, she’s in touch with her inner goddess and able to keep her emotions in check. She gets by through meditations, breathing exercises and yoga at the end of the day.

The Social Media/Phone Mom

What most of us have become… As soon as she’s done what needs to be done she goes straight for the phone. She’s also the google mom who googles absolutely everything. Let’s not mention social media! She makes sure to snap every moment of her #momlife to show off how involved she is and how she’s got this parenting thing on lock. Then you get the ones with a large social media following who then do spin off accounts for their kids.

Which mom are you and which other ones do you know?







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