Mama Talk: Where My Tribe At?

Where My Tribe At_

For many mothers, having a child often goes hand-in-hand with a feeling of isolation and a dwindling social life. It’s a very lonely road! This platform was started from my need of a community, a young mom circle that’s into the things I’m into. Moms who have kids around the same who have playdates and also enjoy each other’s company. A Motherhood, a mothership, something.

Having a circle of mom friends who are also navigating the rocky waters of parenting is key in keeping you sane and happy. They will understand exactly what you’re going through, in an often unspoken way, which is comforting. They “get” the daily exhaustion, the embarrassment of having your child throw a tantrum at the mall, the lack of “me” time, juggling work and raising children, and of course baby daddy or hubby issues.

My circle of friends has always been quite small from when I was younger. And now that I’m older, it’s dropped to just one friend who’s also a mom. And now at my big age I feel I have to start making friends all over again and it’s been quite weird. Now we’re not making friends for the sake of socialising only, but trying to build a circle that will hold you down when you crack under the pressure keeping a family together.

Motherhood, though incredibly rewarding, is very lonely at times. I can’t be the only one experiencing this, there must be mothers out there searching for their tribe.Motherhood requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And when mothers support each other, we can only raise great children together and we can help each other grow to be better parents and women.

So. If you’ve following this platform, on all social platform and you’re in the same boat as me. Please subscribe to this website and drop your email addy on the comments and we can all get a bigger boat for all of us to fit in.

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