You get a completely different mindset as soon as you find out you’re pregnant because you understand that you might have to change some habits and start some good and healthy routines. While every mama (and pregnancy) is different, there are a few things that we can do to ensure that we have a good pregnancy experience.

  1. Listen To Your Body

That body that you’ve carried all your life, that you know so well will tell you everything you need to know, just listen to it and honour it. I knew I was pregnant before I took a pregnancy test. I had taken home pregnancy tests before in the hopes of being pregnant, but this time I knew I was. I felt different, couldn’t pin point it, but my body felt different.

2. Always Speak To Your Doctor or Midwife

Especially as a new mom, a lot of new things happen to your body and some you’re never sure if they should be happening or if your should rush to the ER. But you always want to be on the safe when you’re pregnant so must always be able to speak to your health practitioner. Ask as many questions as you want during your consultations, even prepare them before hand if you’ll forget.

3. Talk To Your Baby

Bond with your precious baby. Talk to her, sing to her, tell her your dreams and wishes for her. Tell her about earth and life. Tell her about her father and how you both can’t wait to hold her.

4. Eat & Drink

Nourish your body and honour your cravings. There will never be another time where you can eat (and are expected) to eat to heart’s content without feeling guilty, so I suggest you take advantage of it. You’re obviously not going to eat what’s bad fo the baby, but Mama seriously; you can go ham! You deserve it. Oh, and drink lots and lots of water! Your body will thank you. I know this one is tedious because the water just goes right through you. But you’ll see, even your body will tell you to drink liquids.

5. Go Out

Mamas, if you still got strength to go out, do it now!! Go on a movie date on your own and have ice-cream. Go window shopping at the mall and have lunch, you can start window shopping for some cute baby rompers. Do it now because once you’ve given birth you won’t be able to do that for a while.

6. Rest

Again, listen to your body. Rest and sleep if you need to. This is also a time where you can sleep all you want without feeling guilty. And ignore those aunties who say you’ll have a lazy baby if you sleep a lot.

7. Relax

Once you become pregnant you become an expectant mom; a mother. And so the paranoia and anxieties begin. You’ll worry a lot about how your baby is going to turn out, if he’ll be healthy, will you be a good parent? All those things make us anxious about the future and we forget to enjoy the pregnancy. Put your mind at ease by praying and speaking life and health over your baby. Take care of yourself and remain positive. Anxiety and stress are high risk during pregnancy.

8. Drink Your Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins come in handy during your food aversions because they give you those extra nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet.

9. Have Lots of Sex

I personally didn’t feel like it when I was pregnant. Although I thought I would because I’d heard you get more libido. It was the opposite for me. So Mama, if you’re still up for sexy time, make sure you get all of it. Your pelvic muscles will thank you. And it’s good to keep that spark and connection going.

10. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Right now your body is doing unimaginable things, and you will not handle it like your mom, mother-in-law or friend did. Your situation will certainly be different to anybody’s that you will meet. You’re already doing the best that you can, your body is doing everything in making that baby. So don’t be ashamed to say if you’re having a hard time and if pregnancy is kicking your butt.


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