Quoted: Khanyi Mbau

There are may quotes and sayings about how special motherhood is. And every mother will have their own experience and therefore have different interpretations.

Khanyi Mbau is one phenomenal human being who’s gone through it all in the public eye. She’s a mother on top of that, and as you can imagine has had to protect her daughter from everything that comes with having a celebrity for a mom.

The beautiful message she wrote on her Instagram to her daughter reminded us of this very important fact.

“You are so beautiful to me!!!! 😊🎶 Who knew that we would be doing so well? If anyone had to tell me this 9 years ago about this very moment I would have nervously laughed at them out of the anxiety of not knowing and having not enough faith that we could do it.”

Show me a mother who wasn’t nervous about becoming a parent and being adequate enough to raise a child…. No, there isn’t.

“You have been the greatest team mate God has given me in this parenting thing. Your existence has governed me and through you I have seen His mercy on my life.
Thank you for being patient and trusting in me and allowing me to look after us.”


“I love you so much, even using those words seem like such a disservice to how I truly feel.
My heart is full. You are my joy
I love you ❤️ You make it worth it saying”

Altogether now…. Ncawwww

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