The Awakening of Motherhood: Tawney Chatmon

Within the past 2 years, Tawny Chatmon has redirected her signature style of ethereal sunlit children’s photography into mediums outside of just photography. She is a self taught artist who has been working in the field of photography for the past 16 years. Born in Tokyo, growing up an ‘army brat’, she had the unique opportunity to take in the cultures of three different continents all before the age of 12.

By then she was in the United States and elbow-deep in her aunt’s theatre company. She studied theatrical arts from the age 12 to early adulthood. After receiving a scholarship for dramatic arts, she switched paths and focused her interests on being behind the camera. Her background unquestionably contributes to her wide range of talents.

Her lates work is called “The Awakening”, and it focuses on familial bonds, motherhood, fatherhood and celebration of childhood. It is an arousing collection of intricate, melanin-enriched pieces that truly awaken the visual sense. It is loosely inspired by the work of Marianne Stokes, whose portraits often showed the fine details of garments that were floor length and embroidered.

“The primary theme that drives my art practice is celebrating the beauty of black childhood,” reads Chatmon’s artist’s statement. “I am devoted to creating portraits that are loosely inspired by works painted during the 15th-19th centuries with the specific intent of bringing to the forefront faces that were often under-celebrated in this style of work.”

I love this artwork! It’s so refreshing to see motherhood and families depicted in such a regal and majestic manner. As a mother, I do feel like the almighty!.

980x (1)‘Almighty’

980x (2)‘Covered’

980x (3)‘Braiding Hour’

980x (4)‘Reflection’



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