An Ode to Working Moms

Honestly, if I had the option to not work while I was pregnant I’d have dropped everything. But we do what we have to do. This is an ode to women who have to work during pregnancy – yep, that’s all of us! But ever considered the type of careers that some women are in, and how it could be tricky to work while you’re pregnant.

I have to give it up to women who are in the entertainment industry, who still have to make that cash. These women work! I have an office job and I work behind a desk most times. But when I see the likes of Busiswa and Cardi B, I’m like “wow mama”, you are doing it!

I wouldn’t deny it if they said Busiswa did the vosho all the way to her delivery room! Because she brought it for real during her performances.

And then there’s Cardi B, there’s been a lot of controversy regarding her pregnancy, with people having opinions about whether it’s the right time for her to have a baby! Are people serious though? What we care about is the fact that she was able to pull of a couple of twerks during her Coachella performance.

And who could forget Queen B’s 2017 grammy performance when she was expecting the twins! She took it easy for this performance but remember how the world almost went into cardiac arrest when she did the chair move?!

We love how her entire performance was aimed at epitomising the essence of motherhood.

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