We’re Excited For Samkelo and her New Bundle of Joy


Actress Samkelo Ndlovu took to social media and expressed her pure joy for the gift that is her baby girl. She confirmed that her baby was on the 14th of February; the beginning of a great love affair if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 13.03.30

As far as motherhood goes, Samu said she was completely smitten with her little girl.

“She’s only three days old and already showing so much personality. Go figure. I haven’t stopped starring at her. Her dad is worse, he holds her even while she’s asleep.”

She has also shared how much joy her daughter has brought into their lives since her birth.

“I haven’t stopped staring at her. Her dad is worse, he holds her even while she’s asleep.”

Samu has moved back home so that her mother can help take care of her and baby. A mother’s help always comes in handy, especially for your first child.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 13.15.31

She hasn’t released pictures of her baby yet but I bet she’s going to break the internet like she did when she posted pictures from her pregnancy photoshoot. They’re gorgeous and regal! 24273956_932834193547826_3243954387390824448_n

Congratulations to Samu! We hope her little one brings more joy and happiness to her and her family.

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