Things Never To Say To A Mom

Moms worry about many things and they definitely do not need you making rude comments just because you have to say something. Show a little sensitivity by being careful not to say these things to mothers.

  1. She looks nothing like you.


I get this all the time and it doesn’t upset me, I just don’t get why people have to state the obvious. But what did get to me was right after my daughter was born and people used to get visibly surprised by the fact that her skin’s darker than mine. Some would even console me and say she will gain complexion the older she gets.

2. She’s too big/small for her age.

giphy (1)

Stop body shaming babies guys. My baby was 5.1kg at birth. Yup, that’s huge. Imagine how many people I’ve had to listen to tell me how big she is, as if i didn’t push her out my vagina. And some babies’ weight is health related, so please avoid having to hurt a mother’s feelings.

3. When you post a turnt picture. Person: where’s your baby?

giphy (2)

So apparently once you become a mom you might as well RIP. Don’t you know that’s when we get unlocked??

4. Breast is best

giphy (3)

Come on! We all know that breast is best. And as natural and God gifted as it is, not all mothers are able breastfeed. And those who can’t are already dealing with the guilt of not being able to. So please chill out on the breast is best talk.

5. Can I hold her?

giphy (4)

No stranger you can’t.

6. My baby never cried.

giphy (6)

I’m pretty sure all babies cry…

7. Comparing children’s milestones

giphy (7)

Your baby’s only starting to crawl now? My kid started running when she was 6 months old. Your child can’t talk yet? By the 3rd month my baby was counting up to five. STOP IT. We all know children’s developmental stages are not the same.

8. Judging parenting and disciplining styles

giphy (5)

I’m sure some of y’all wish you could discipline our kids for us. Well, it’s easy being an imaginary parent. You know exactly what you’d do if you were a parent, right? Let’s talk again when you’re parent.

9. Mom body shaming

giphy (8)

Our bodies have literally been through THE MOST! So when we come out of pregnancy with confidence and a new appreciation for our bodies, don’t shame us.

I thank you.


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