Wasn’t it easier carrying them around in our bellies?

My baby is 7 months old and she weighed 12kgs when I weighed her at 6 months. So you can imagine how much of a sport carrying her around is, but thank God for prams and baby wearing.

There are a couple of things that made me wish she was still inside my belly because they have become somewhat of challenge to do with a baby in hand. Add a fussy, cranky and sleepy baby to that.

So first of all, there’s no quick in and out when you’re shopping with a baby. It’s a whole trip guys, and its tiring! When you’re in the last stages of your pregnancy, all you wish for is to “pop already”, then you do pop and realize all the things you have to do with a baby in your arms – and wish they were still in your belly!

  1. The first time I wished she was still in my belly was when I drove into my complex and needed to run upstairs to grab something. She was asleep in her carseat and unstrapping and taking her inside with me meant that a two minute trip would take 15 minutes. I decided to leave her and run upstairs. I came back literally 5 minutes later and she was awake, crying like she’d been abandoned. I felt so bad, I also got teary. What type of a mother leaves her baby unattended to go a grab something real quick? She could’ve suffocated and died!
  2. The second time was this weekend when I decided to do a quick in and out at Dischem. This is now about 3 months after the first incident. She had been sleepy and fussy and finally fell asleep in her carseat. I had a 5 minute moral dilemma in the car. Do I wake her, unstrap her, drag her in the shop, meaning that my quick in and out will now become a 30 minute riff-raff. The conclusion? Run in, get everything you need – it’s all in one isle anyway, and run back. OK! Maybe not! The moral dilemma continued until my inner voice pointed my need to always be in a hurry. All that has to stop. Even if the shopping takes 5 hours, the baby’s safety and well being comes first. And leaving her in the car would warrant for some of y’all to call the cops on me.IMG_3176.JPG
  3. Same day; after Dischem, I went to get some takeaways for home. I took the baby in the restaurant with me and while were waiting for the order I had to go to the restroom. Oh Lord, why now? And holding in pee is still a bit risky for me. What to do? Take my personal companion with of course. Guys, I had to jump around while unzipping my jeans, baby in one arm, and I had to pee with her on my lap! I sat there and thought about my life. And that’s when I accepted that life has to happen hey! Small baby or not, things need to get done.
  4. When I’m eating and she wants to be held by me. Talk about juggling and throwing food into my mouth before she grabs or slaps it off my hand. I’ve mastered eating with my left hand and holding her on the far side so she doesn’t reach my plate. Most times she does. But we just continue because things need to be done, including eating.

All of this is embarrassing to talk about because sometimes I feel inadequate about my choices and the things I do as a mother. But I learn everyday how to manage, handle and cope.

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