Beginner Purées (Sweet Potato)

Homemade veggie and fruit purees are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for your baby and they are easy to make.

I weaned my daughter onto solids from 5-and-a-half months old, and for the the first two weeks she only had soft porridge. She started purees at 6 months old. I started with the basic sweet potato, butternut and apple & pear puree. And these are safe to give babies from 4 months old.

Here’s how I make them:

Sweet Potato


Sweet potatoes are a classic baby favorite, thanks to their sweet but mild flavor. I prefer to steam the veggies and fruit but if you boil them, make sure the water doesn’t run out in the pot. Leave a little because that’s where all the nutrients are. You can use this water to control how soft the puree is.

You simply pop it in the blender, press the start button and… VOILA!


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