Getting your groove back after child birth



At some point motherhood may start to feel like a job, and it’s not supposed to be. Being a Mom is wonderful but it’s not easy. Stress, lack of sleep and obligations begin to rob you of the joy of motherhood and often without noticing, a big chunk of your happiness as a parent and mother may disappear.

Once our babies are born, everything we think of and do is for them. Well Moms, who you are and how you feel is absolutely important too! And getting your groove back is probably the best gift you can give your baby.

I thought I’d share some of the things that helped me in the hopes that they will help you too. Let’s get that groove back mamas!

Admit when you’re stressed and ask for help


Ironically, once you stop expecting motherhood to feel warm and fuzzy all the time, life as a mom gets easier. It really helps to realize that it’s okay to feel frustrated, angry, tired, or irritable sometimes. You’re not a bad parent. It’s not even a bad parenting experience. It’s just normal. I’m sure you’ve had many people tell you to shout if you need anything; please, take advantage of that!

Leave the house


Have you been outside today? Fresh air, sunlight, and nature are believed to be critical mood enhancers for women, and moms can get this little lift while pushing strollers, swings or just a little walk.

Buy yourself nice shoes or a new outfit


For a little while after giving birth, I struggled to figure out how to dress and be stylish again. I also didn’t know what dress size I was. So I just decided to change my look a bit, bought a couple of new dresses, super tight jeans, accessories and even started wearing make up! All this definitely gave me a boost.

Have a date night

As soon as you feel ready, let your parents stay with the baby and go out on a date with your boo thang or your friends. Babies can be all consuming and it feels good to be away from them for a bit and to reconnect with the world. I started attending a lot of social and work events which helped me let loose.

Give the baby pics a break on social media

It can be totally tempting to baby spam everyone on your social media once you become a parent, and I’m the first to admit I’m one of those moms. Consider changing it up every once in a while with a pretty flower, a picture of your lunch or whatever else that interests you. It will force you to get out of mom mode for a moment and remember that while you love your baby with your whole life, you also like other things.

Get back to hobbying

Hobbies aren’t something that you typically have time for with a small baby, but every now and then try to squeeze in some time for things you used to enjoy. This could be cooking, crafting, reading etc. And t doesn’t have to take all your time. It could be for 15 or 30 minutes while the baby naps.

Eat, sleep and be merry

Many women want to lose the baby weight after birth, and this contributes to the lowness that you may be feeling. Sometimes, your internal happiness outweighs they way you look on the outside. How you feel inside always exudes on the outside. So don’t starve yourself, eat healthy food that makes full and happy. And please sleep! When you baby sleeps, so do you!

Have a glass of wine


This may be bad advice for new moms, but oopsie!

Go back to the gym


I’m still to do this *hides*. I haven’t set my foot in the gym since before I fell pregnant. But I hear it is a surefire way to pick your spirits. So do give it a shot.

I know there’s more, so please drop some of the ways that you got your groove back after giving birth.

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