Quoted: Gabrielle Union

“For lots of people/families who have been on their own unique fertility/family creation journey, hope can feel like a cruel joke that plays on repeat. You stop letting yourself get excited and you don’t dare utter any updates. You carry it all. It can feel isolating and depressing. You wonder if you are defective. You... Continue Reading →

Quoted: Kayise Ngqula

One of Kayise's and her partner's proudest moments has been to introduce us to their new bundle of joy ZukolukaBawo. This love is like nothing I've ever experienced before. I am a better person because of it. It holds the pieces of me together even when I believe I am the most broken. I cannot... Continue Reading →

Hospital Bag Checklist

The day you've been anticipating is coming soon and the excitement to meet your little one is getting crazier. But things still need to be done. Like packing your hospital bag! You don't want to be caught unawares and be rushed to the hospital without your and baby's essentials. To have peace of mind, start... Continue Reading →

Mama Talk: Where My Tribe At?

For many mothers, having a child often goes hand-in-hand with a feeling of isolation and a dwindling social life. It's a very lonely road! This platform was started from my need of a community, a young mom circle that's into the things I'm into. Moms who have kids around the same who have playdates and... Continue Reading →

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